Air Freshener / Home Spray


Angel Aromatics Home Spray Blooming Pink Suede Fragrance 125ml. Everyone loves walking into a home or room and being welcomed by a heavenly scent. This can immediately contribute to altering the perception of any given space, even lift a mood. So, the power of fragrance can never be under-estimated and this is one to remember. Blooming Pink Suede captures the essence of blooming peonies and rose, settling on a bed of white musk and soft suede.

This home spray / air freshener has been designed to leave a long lasting and continuous fragrance. It’s made in Australia using natural ingredients, high quality fragrances and essential oils. Triple scented, phthalate free paraben free, vegan friendly and not tested on animals. Simply spray the room spray fragrance into the air to give an instant fragrance boost that will transform any space and keep the air fresh and clean.


Angel Aromatics is an Australian manufacturer of unique, high quality, home fragrances. Established in Sydney in 1993, their vision is to provide a range of distinctive fragrant products. They credit their secret to success, in their use of sustainable raw materials. All products are made in Balmain, New South Wales, from renewable ingredients. They pride themselves on being consistently best in class when it comes to quality and customer service. So do we and we’re proud to stock some of their products at Uniquely Made XO.